Nevesytnewt'cisum Llacitah'wstaht is a resident that can be found in Blackrock Mountain, next to his tent. When interacted with, Nevesytnewt'cisum Llacitah will reference the eyes of the mountain that can be seen near the peak of Blackrock Mountain, a small cave that players can enter to mine ores.

The name Nevesytnewt'cisum Llacitah'wstaht is meant to be read in reverse. When reading it in reverse, the phrase "That's what I call music Twenty Seven!" is revealed. It is unclear if it references a music album or something else entirely.

List of Dialogues

  • "Erusaert laer S'dloh E'ye niatnuom!"
    • When read in reverse, it reads "Mountain's eye hold real treasure!", referencing the cave opening near the peak of Blackrock Mountain.


  • The name of this NPC may be a reference to the Now That's What I Call Music! 27, which is the 27th edition of the Now! series which was released on vinyl, audio casette, and CD.
  • He may have some relations with Bogo Joholo and Bele Al'thor as all three NPCs shares similar appearances.
  • He is the only other NPC to be found in Blackrock Mountain, the other ones being Amy Thistlewitch and the Spirit of the Mountain.
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