Fly Through the Air and Make Traveling Easier and Safer

Are monsters are problem to getting where you need to go? Do you have a mushroom parasol? Travel across the map and safely arrive in places with ease using this guide! This map will use location based off of Topple Town.

Obtaining the Parasol

The easiest way to obtain the parasol is buy purchasing it at the "Wizard School" in Topple Town. The price is 200,000 coins; however, although this is the easiest way to obtain it, in all areas, there is a very minimal chance for Mushroom Head to spawn wildly and even more unlikely is the roughly 1/5 chance of obtaining the parasol.

The Path to the Blackrock Mountain and Farm Fortress

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As the more experience players have pointed out, it is easiest to know where you're going to jump off the Topple Town transport ship and head northwest through the forest.

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Continuing on this path will have you arrive at a sign allowing you to pick where to go.


Traveling to Hoodlum Falls, The Pits, or The Far Coast

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To travel to Hoodlum Falls, The Pits, or The Far Coast, it is your best bet to head to the South East side of Topple Town's wall and jump towards the waterfall. At the waterfall, continue heading North.

For Hoodlum Falls or The Far Coast take the LEFT side of the river.

For The Pits, take a left turn and follow the path. From there, you will reach a glowing wall- climb that and you're there!

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