The Mushroom Parasailing's guide will mainly discuss the mechanics, the abilities, and other things relating to this guide. Are monsters becoming a problem to where you need to go? Do you have a Mushroom Parasol somewhere in your inventory? These questions may be answered while reading this guide.

This guide will allow you to travel all over the map and safely access and arriving towards your destinations with ease. This will mainly be using the Map of Fantastic Frontier, as well as taking place mainly at Topple Town.

Mushroom Parasol

Mushroom Parasol.png

If you do not have a Mushroom Parasol, one of the easiest ways to obtain a Mushroom Parasol is by purchasing it from the Flashy Gnome Merchant at the Gnome Magic School, located in Topple Town. The price to purchase a Mushroom Parasol is 250,000 gold. If you do not have the money to afford it, you can either farm gold to reach the minimal price of a Mushroom Parasol or search in the Frontier for a mob known as the Mushroom Head, a mob with a likely chance to drop a Mushroom Parasol.

Route to Blackrock Mountain/Farm Fortress

Captain's Finnegan airship and a player that had jumped off from the airship with a Mushroom Parasol equipped in their hands.

The "liftoff" near Captain Finnegan's airship; also another area to jump off from.

As more experienced players have pointed out in the past, it is expected for you to know where you are going to jump off at in Topple Town. If you are deciding to take the route to Blackrock Mountain or Farm Fortress or any northern regions of the Frontier, the best place to jump off at is where Captain Finnegan's ship can be found at. From there, you may head northwest through the Greenhorn Grove to find Farm Fortress. Going straight into the Twinkling Meadow will lead you to Blackrock Mountain and other northern parts of the Frontier. If the player is heading northwest while passing through Greenhorn Grove, they can continue down the path, arriving towards to a sign directing the players to Farm Fortress and other parts of the Frontier.

Route to Hoodlum Falls/The Pits/The Far Coast

Southeastern side of Topple Town's walls

To travel to Hoodlum Falls, The Pits, or The Far Coast while holding a Mushroom Parasol, it is suggested to head to the Southeastern side of Topple Town's walls and jump towards the waterfall. While at the waterfall, continue heading north. If traveling to Hoodlum Falls or The Far Coast, take the left side of the river. If traveling to The Pits, take a left turn and follow the path that leads toward The Pits. From there, you can find The Pits Key Door, either by accessing it with a Peapod Necklace or by climbing the ridges/rims of The Pits.

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