Mr. Ticket is an NPC introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. The NPC can be found in the upper levels of The Theatre, which can only be accessed after the players had entered The Ballroom with an Ancient Key. He is specifically seen behind the seats in the leftmost corner of the wide room.

Mr. Ticket acts as a rewarder of the Theatre Ticket Quest, a quest where players must find and collect 100 Theatre Tickets to fulfill Mr. Ticket's nostalgic memories. After turning in 100 Theatre Tickets, Mr. Ticket will reward the players with two items; The Drake's Shirt and The Drake's Pants.

List of Dialogues


  • "Hmm? Come to watch the show?"
    1. "What show?"
      • "The show! Out there! On the stage...We are in a theatre after all, aren't we?"
    2. "Are you watching?"
      • "Haha~ no. Truth be told I've seen this show many times...more than enough really."
      • "Not that I could see it again...even if I wanted to..."
      • "Indeed I've been bound to this spot here for quite some time...sigh..."
      • "Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining- I chose this spot and here I will stay...But I do miss it sometimes..."
      • "Would something of a keepsake be so much to mask?"
      • "I mean yes...I hear the roaring of the crowds, I see the light peek through - yes...But, oh, I truly miss those tickets."
      • "You see...I was the ticket man- they called me Mr. Ticket...Giving the happy patrons their tickets, seeing the smiles..."
      • "Ah! I'm rambling! So sorry...No need to stay in the past...but..."
      • "Perhaps...If you could..."
      • " mobile and free...maybe you could find a stack somewhere?"
      • "Agh! The tickets! If I could just hold that stack of tickets again, feel them in my hand! I would be so...happy..."
      • "If you could bring me a stack...a full stack of 100 tickets...Indeed I could make it worth your while..."
      • "But of course who am I to ask such a thing...don't I have it all?"
    3. "Not today."
      • "Oh- I understand...Have a nice night!"

Pre-Completion of the Theatre Ticket Quest

  • "If I could just hold those tickets once more..."
  • "sigh..."

Completion of the Theatre Ticket Quest

  • "What!? Are those -"
  • "Are those. . .? For me. . .!
  • "Ahahaha. . . Ah. . . Ohoho. . .
  • "Oh, what a wonderful world! You've done it! You really have..."
  • "I must! I must show my gratitude!"
  • "Here! It is. . . well it is all I have. . ."
  • "I think, though. . . kind traveler. . . you will find value in this. . ."
  • "As I have found. . . In the tickets. . ."

Post-Completion of the Theatre Ticket Quest

  • "A lovely life... a wonderful melody..."


  • Mr. Ticket's attire looks similar to Wonald Izzi Jackson's attire.
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