The Moral Coat is a clothing garment that can be acquired on the island of Matumada. It can be obtained from the Construct for a price of 500,000 gold. Besides that, there are no alternative methods outside of its main source.


In appearance, the Moral Coat is a white coat with several white patterns on the upper and lower parts of the coat. Within the coat are a light gray shirt, a light gray collar, and yellow inner sleeves. Besides that, the Moral Coat also comes with a yellow tie with a red outline around it.

The Moral Coat is mainly used for vanity. Besides that, the Moral Coat may be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 200,000 gold.


  • The Moral Coat is one of the most popular clothing garments in Fantastic Frontier due to the fact that it looks fancy and better than the Black/Khaki Suit Tops.
  • It was introduced in the Spring Update.


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