The Moon Flower is one of the many harvestable that can be found in the Frontier. They are commonly seen by itself or near other Moon Flower, as well as being seen near Sun Flower. One of the first harvestable that players could encounter while adventuring, the Moon Flower is one of the most popular harvestable where beginner players are advised to harvest in order to obtain a decent amount of gold. They are usually sold to selling vendors at a price of 2,000 gold.

In appearance, it is a flower supported by a green stem, like most typical flowers. Its purple petals and center resemble the colors of how moonlight are depicted, sharing similar schemes of a Moon Mushroom.

The Moon Flower is named for being a type of flower and for having similar color schemes of how moonlight is often depicted, purple. Since the Moon Flower revels in the moonlight, it is possible that this detail is the main reason why it is called the Moon Flower.

The Moon Flower possibly prefers areas that are mainly associated with a celestial object or entity, due to the locations they are found at. These locations will be listed below as to why the Moon Flower can be found in the particular area:

Celestial Field - The Moon Flower is mainly found in this particular area as Celestial Field may play some role with a celestial entity or an object, something that is from the galaxies and the outer space of the world the Frontier takes place in.

Frigid Waste - The Moon Flower can thrive in this particular area as it is possible that a celestial entity or an object had affected this large area, which makes it possible that Frigid Waste could tie into the Frontier's hidden lore.

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