The Moon Flower is one of the many harvestables that can be found in the Frontier. They are often seen by itself, although it is possible to be seen in small clusters with itself or other harvestables, such as the Sun Flower. The Moon Flower can be found in several locations of the Frontier that include the following:


The Moon Flower is a royal purple flower with a glowing purple center of the flora. Like most flowers of the Frontier, it is supported by a green stem with small leaves. It shares similar themes with the Moon Mushroom.

Currently, the Moon Flower cannot be used in any shapes or forms in the game, Fantastic Frontier. It is simply sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 2,000 gold.


  • Due to its common spawn-points being located in Celestial Field, it is often sought-after by beginner players to farm small chunks of gold at a time.
  • During the introduction of the Otherworld Update, it is possible to encounter the Moon Flowers near the Otherworld Statue in Twinkling Meadow.
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