The Monstrous Visage is a 'monster drop' that was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. It is one of the many collectibles that are needed by the players in order to complete the entries of the Itempedia of the Nightmare. The Monstrous Visage can be obtained as a possible drop from the Monster Bird, masked birds capable of hurting the players if it manages to touch them while fleeing.


The Monster Bird

The Monstrous Visage appears to be the 'head' or mask that physically manifested onto the Monster Bird's head. Its face is composed of two glowing yellow-and-black eyes, a large, stubby black nose, and a set of white teeth jagged outwards. The appearance of the Monster Bird is similar to that of other birds found in the Frontier, however, it appears to be wearing a brown canvas cloak that covers most of its upper body. The rest of its body is mostly composed of beige feathers.

The Monstrous Visage does not have any usages in-game that will benefit the players, other than to be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 20,000 gold.


  • Originally, the Monstrous Visage could be sold for 2,000,000 due to a scripting error but was fixed at some point in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
  • In French, visage means face so this could mean Monstrous Face based on its looks.
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