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  • Alias: Monstrosity


The Monstrosity is a hostile beholder-like monster that can be found in various locations of the Frontier and the Nightmare, commonly seen in places such as Petrified Grassland, The Pits, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Hall, and The Old Mansion. It also makes an appearance on the 13th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Monstrosity Mania, serving as main obstacles as the players progress through the dungeon.

The Monstrosity is described to be a two-legged creature with black-stained teeth, a large purple eye, and several rectangular-shaped spikes protruding from all sides of its head. Purple smoke can also be seen coming out of its mouth.


There are four attacks that the Monstrosity can perform:

  • Body Slam - Lunges towards the player's current position in an attempt to body slam them.
  • Rapid Slams - Lunges towards the player's current position in an attempt to body slam them before attempting to rapidly slam its body repeatedly as it moves towards the player's current position.
  • Slam - Slams its body against the players in front of them.
  • Void Breath - Breathes out void energies out of its mouth in an attempt to inflict damage onto the players.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Monstrosity. Any claims of "missing items" that the Monstrosity could drop will be cast aside as false information.


  • The Monstrosity is likely based on a Beholder, a reoccurring enemy often seen in many RPG games.
  • Its taller and two-eyed variation is known as the Two-Eyed Monstrosity.
  • The Monstrosities that spawns in the Ratboy's Nightmare are larger in size than the ones that spawns in the Frontier, it is unknown whether it's intentional or not.