Monster Enthusiast Marlo is an inhabitant that can be found in the Frontier, most notably near the Otherworld Statue in the Twinkling Meadow.

The name Marlo may derive from the name, Marlowe, which means "from the hill by the lake." This could be a reference as to how Marlo is found on Topple Hill. Marlo's main role is to be a monster enthusiast, a person who is highly interested in monsters.

List of Dialogues

  • "Ever since that statue showed up down there, all sorts of strange monsters have been showing up around here."
  • "I've seen all sorts of new monsters around Topple Hill lately. What happened?"
  • "Listen, you look tough, but even if you're used to the "normal" monsters out there, I've been seeing some real scary looking nightmares roaming around. So be careful!"


  • The NPC was introduced during the Otherworld Update.
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