Miscellaneous items are collectible items that are discovered throughout the Frontier, yet doesn't belong to collections of general item categories. Besides income, some of these items are used in quests and all are required for Collectus.

List of Known Misc items

Preview Name Selling Price HP Regain Description Location
Litter 1 "A piece of discarded trash." Topple Town
Lakethistle 100 "A semi-aquatic plant found near lake shores and riverbeds." Great Pine Forest
Fallichen 375 "A simple bundle of lichen. Its autumn-like colors must have given the lichen its name." Under cliffs
Shell 500 "A small basic shell that must have washed in from the ocean. What little creature has lost its home?" Coast line
Sandy Coral 700 "A bundle of gritty coral. If given enough time and luck, this red coral can grow on a beach, and sometimes, even living creatures." Coast line
Clamstack 2,500 "A living Clamstack. Part creature, part plant, this strange tower of life seems content being anywhere." Coast line and cave near ancient brige
Angry Bushdweller 4,000 "What is this wacky creature? It might catch a decent price." Forest areas
Gorbacabbage 5,000 "'You ate me!' Shouted the Gorbacabbage, unhappy from being eaten like a common Plumbo." Great Pine Forest, Petrified grasslands
Fruitstack 10,000 500 "A delicious stack of fruit. A large enough meal to fill any stomach." Ancient Forest
Strangeman's Shell 11,111 "What a strange, strange shell. Even in the odd world of the Frontier, bizarre forms of life like this are feared." Far coast near Coral Giant
Grateful Frog 100,000 "Oh what a wonderous day, this Frog is saved!" High hanging areas
Traveler Plant 250,000 "Even those who travel the worlds need time to rest. This oddity seems to have planted itself on the Frontier, if only for a short time." Anywhere on the map
The Object From Earth 333,333 "An object from a far away land. In the Frontier, the word 'earth' simply refers to the ground, but this mysterious creation seems to hold far greater secrets." Unknown

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