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The Minion is a standalone armor piece that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased from the Strangeman at a price of 10,000,000 gold but is sold at a cheaper price of 7,000,000 gold from Stick. Other viable methods of acquiring the Minion include the following:

In appearance, the Minion looks like a creature with a beige-brown color. It has the appearance of a tiki totem with black eyes and a green antenna. According to its description, it is a magical entity.

The Minion is most effective when it is visible. This can apply to it being visible in either the vanity slot and if the player does not have any vanities on themselves, the equipment slot.


  • It is one of the known items that does not drop on death.
  • It allows one to never be hit by close ranged mobs when used with wings.
  • Whenever equipped, the Minion allows your character to hover in midair (similar to the mushroom parasol).
  • If the player has a minion equipped, Wings and a Funky Driftlander, they can essentially fly across the entire frontier with little to no resistance from ground obstacles at very fast speed.
  • Many players have had the Minion disappear from their inventory due to glitches, resulting in the loss of a very expensive and hard to get item.
  • The Minion shares the same name with the beloved 3D animated yellow creatures from the Despicable Me series.
  • The one downside of the minion is that you cannot go down with wings unless you unequip it.
  • The Minion will not work if you are wearing the Ratboy Morph Ring, due to the fact that it is not visible on your head with the ring on. 
  • A strange quirk with the minion is that if you use the Funky Driftlander's special ability in the air, you will drop down a bit.
  • Head-baiting becomes a much harder job by using minion, although, with some mobs, it is possible.