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  • Me and Cliff were friends on roblox not long ago...

    I don't believe you remember me, roblox name: theultamatecheese12

    Btw me just find out you really are a wiki admin just like you said .O.

    Well anyways, friend me back k? ;) If you don't then: AAAAA! it ok ;3

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  • I wonder if it would be beneficial for Armor Categorizing

    This would be good for people who are trying to build their gear.

    NOTE: This is not an armor tier list. It is a way of sorting Armor sets into their classes.

    Let's start.

    There will be three categories which include

    Magic Armor sets: Armor sets which give magic bonuses

    Melee Armor sets: Armor sets which give melee bonuses

    Ranged Armor sets: Armor sets which give ranged bonuses

    Now, some armor sets give bonuses to 2 classes such as the Aquatic Explorer set 

    This set gives 75+ Melee damage and 65+ Ranged damage 

    The set would be categorized in both the Melee category and Ranged category

    Armor pieces that give damage bonuses could be included, such as the Oculus Adcuratus

    What do you think? I'd love to improve the wiki.

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  • I think it would be a good idea for a Weapon Tier List.

    This would be a good way to show all the weapons in the game, and sort them by effectiveness, based on what time they would be used in the game.

    So lets start.

    NOW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART- The weapons are tiered based on there time of use, meaning a weapon in Mid-Game thats A Tier, would be F Tier in Endgame. This is looking at the weapons for when they are used in a play through, and determining there effectiveness through that.

    Now thats that over, Lets start with what the tiers really mean in my eyes.

    S Tier - Top Tier, Fantastic Weapons! These are amazing for there price, and soar in comparison to everything else around there time of use.

    A Tier - Great Weapons, Highly Recommended.

    B Tier - Good, not crazy, or super powerful, just a solid weapon that can get the job done.

    C Tier - Ok, not that good, and just sort of mediocre weapons that technically work, but not very well.

    D Tier - Bad, just not good weapons that have way too many weaknesses and really are not useful at all.

    F Tier - Awful, Just Borderline Useless weapons that do next to nothing, and are almost a waste of your money.

    There would be 4 Tiers, labeled as so, along with some potential placements and ideas for were some weapons could go, along with showing the whole layout.

    Endgame - These weapons are the best of the best, being used by the most powerful and seasoned adventures, with Fantastic Power, and a great price. 

    Gnome Rocket Launcher - S Tier

    Ratboy Handgun - S Tier

    Frontier Stargun - A Tier

    Frontier Greatsword - B Tier

    Lategame - These weapons are used by powerful adventures, nearing there maximum capacity. They are great, powerful, weapons, being right behind the very best of the best.

    Gun-Fists - A Tier

    Glider Rifle - B Tier

    Red Power Fists - A Tier

    Midgame - These are decently powerful weapons used by adventures who have mastered the basics, and are ready to start getting into the real challenge of the game.

    Hunting Rifle - B Tier

    Power Axe - C Tier (Maybe, im not sure about this one)

    Newgame - These are weapons used by fresh adventures, waiting to start there journey on the frontier, not being that powerful, but catching a cheap price

    Pipe Gun - S Tier

    Onyx Greatsword - A Tier

    Tell me what you think, i spent alot of time on this, and i think it would be a great way to improve  the wiki.

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    • The weapons tier list must be based on tghe user's preferences.

      Some people consider Gilded Rifle is better than Gunfists, etc

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • can you hear the twig screech when u disable music?

    Thank You

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    • I don’t know for sure, but since regular noises and effects still play when music is off, I’d assume noises from items would play as well.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • what's the name of the item equipment that seem like you got no legs but seems to be floating?

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  • So, I'm a mage/salamander user built for speed and damage mostly(But i also don't want to be completely defenseless either). Currently my gear is as follows:

    Head: Nightmare Visage (+15 Armor, +65 all damage)

    Body: Wisecrack Torso (+30 armor, +65 Melee, +60 Magic, +1 Walkspeed)

    Legs: Poison Construct Legs (11 armor, +70 Magic Damage, +7% Endurance)

    Feet: Spider Stilts (+4 armor, +40 Jump Power, +7 Walkspeed)

    Neck: Green Crystal Amulet (+3 Walkspeed) 

    Back: Meeting Remnant (+20 All Damage, +2 HP Regen, +1 Walkspeed)

    Ring: Mud Ring (+5 Armor)

    Misc: Brain Monocle (+30 Magic, +30 Ranged)

    My main weapons are the White Salamander, Darktoad Spellbook, and Nature's Wrath Spellbook, currently. Right now most of my DPS is from the salamander, while the other two are used for healing, naturally. 

    My stats with this setup are +65 Defense, +245 Magic, +150 Melee, +115 Ranged, +2 HP regen, +7% Endurance, and +12 Walkspeed.

    I can more or less outwalk almost every enemy in the game, which is amazing with the salamander, so the mobility i have now is pretty important to me.

    How do you think i could improve my other stats? The weakest link right now is my armor, for sure, though im thinking about replacing my mud ring with a ring of power if i get decent defense. I've only recently gotten a stable source of money with gift trees, but im not sure what I should get. I want gear that synergizes well with my salamander while also improving my defense -- I don't need to be tanky, but i don't want to be one shot like i am right now.

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    • I’m not the best with special builds like this, but I’ll give it a try.

      I don’t like being that guy, but when I consider what types of armor sets could help you, I have to go with the typical Forgotten Life, since it gives around the same damage bonus as the rest of your armor, but to every stat, which can greatly boost Salamander damage. There’s also the bonus endurance too, if you want to fire the Salamander for a bit longer, and it has the highest armor a full set can have in the game. Only issue I could see with Forgotten Life is the fact that you will be slightly slower after losing the walkspeed point Wisecrack Torso gives you, and the price tag of course.

      Everything else looks good, especially the inclusion of Meeting Remnant. Once you get satisfactory armor, I would replace the Mud Ring, as you mentioned. Only other thing I notice is that you have both Darktoad and Nature’s Wrath. Like with Mud Ring, I’d replace one of them after you get better defense, as you won’t need to heal as much. An extra magic weapon could help with combat (since you already have the Salamander, I’d focus on getting magic weapons that have powerful special attacks, which could be used alongside the Salamander).

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    • Forgotten Life was one of the ones i was looking at because the endurance boost looked insanely good. I was a bit hung up on the speed thing, but losing 1 speed shouldn't be a huge deal. if that 1 speed ends up being important, I can replace the helmet with something else to minimize the stat loss -- maybe falling light when i clear the nightmare itempedia. Fortunately im making around 25-30 mil a week from fruit trees now, so I don't have to worry about the price tag too much.  

      As for the weapon, hmm. The biggest weakness of the salamander is its short range and the relatively slow fireball. I could capitalize on longer range magic while still not compromising on crowd control using the blade of the throne or frontier spellbook's special... or i could get the wicked junk book for the boss busting special. Or both, I guess. 

      Thanks for the help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • how do u check an enemy's defense?

    and are there any other weapons like the ultra dagger that lower enemy's defense?

    Thank you

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    • Really the only way of checking your opponent's defense is testing how much damage you deal to them compared to how much health they should have, so unless it's a player who can just tell you their defense stat, it requires some work/math. Also, I believe Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger is unique in that its the only weapon with that type of capability.

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  • RobloxScreenShot20200425 141104564

    I dont want to play with you anymore

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    • Somewhere far away there is an alternate universe where Plunger Colonies are collected for the unclogging of toilets.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • are u human

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  • i'm a mage is newvoice the best armour for mage?

    and which is more useful darktoad or nature's warth?

    thank you

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    • That heavely depends on your personal preferance

      if you like to have some extra stats such as healing and endurance, then yes, newvoice is probably your best option

      If you just want to go for purely dps, then i would recomend the earth king regelia set instead

      As for your question about darktoad vs. nature's wrath, both have their pros and cons.

      If you have high magic dmg stats, then darktoad can heal more then nature's wrath, however, it requires you to always have an enemy to shoot at to be able to heal. Using nature's wrath, you can heal wherever you want whenever you want (unless the healing skill is on cooldown of course). Nature's wrath also has a higher dps, in case that matter to you.

      I hope this helps

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    • ok thanks i'll use darktoad natures wrath is pretty redundant because of food

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    • Stev, I recommend Natures Wrath ONLY if you are not using the Mage class since it could really help you out on tight spots where a mob pinned you to a corner and you can just hop away and glide while using the special move. Natures Wrath special move almost heals ALL your HP and has 1 to no stamina reduction. If you are a mage then go for dark toad.

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    • A FANDOM user
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