Melee weapons are one of the three main damage types that can inflict damage upon their opponents in close combat. These melee weapons can range from swords, greatswords, rapiers, scimitars, and so forth, and provide different advantages and disadvantages for the players. These melee weapons can also be purchased from vendors that are found in the Frontier and may or may not be dropped from other mobs or given by other sources.

Well-known vendors that sell melee weapons are known as Reus The Smith, Hunter Jack, Looney Lenny The Hedgeknight, and the Otherworldly Weaponsmith. All of these vendors are usually known for selling beginner and/or advanced weapons that players can use in the Frontier. Vhitmire's Mystery Traveling Store, simply known as Vhitmire, and Linkman the Junkman is also known to sell melee weapons to the players.

A short summary on how the table is presented, it will first present the image or the preview of the specific melee weapon, as well as its name, its cost(s), damage values, any bonuses and/or special abilities provided with it, its source, and its description.

List of Melee Weapons


Bronze Dagger
Bronze Greatsword
Bronze Rapier
Bronze Scimitar
Iron Dagger
Iron Greatsword
Iron Rapier
Iron Scimitar
Cobalt Dagger
Cobalt Greatsword
Cobalt Rapier
Cobalt Scimitar
Titanium Dagger
Titanium Greatsword
Titanium Rapier
Titanium Scimitar
Gold Dagger
Gold Greatsword
Gold Rapier
Gold Scimitar
Onyx Dagger
Onyx Greatsword
Onyx Rapier
Onyx Scimitar


Advanced Rapier
Ancient Sword
Ancient Treesword
Angel Greatsword
Blacksmith's Hammer
Buzzing Sword
Contramagic Blade
Corrupted Rapier-0
Crypt Blade
Demon Greatsword
Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger
Fantastic Sword
Frail Wooden Sword
Frontier Greatsword
Grass Rapier
Great Scimitar
Hammer Knight's Hammer
Hooked Scythe
Inferno Hammer
Inferno Sword
Jade Superhammer
Power Axe
Pureblood Dagger
Rusted Coin Scythe
Whapper Sword
Zod Sword
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