The Meeting Remnant is a back equipment that can be obtained in the Nightmare. It can be purchased from MANAGER SUPREME, or from Rising Waters in the Nightmare at a price of 1,800,000 gold. It can also be obtained as a reward from Toaster Josh, after turning in a Caught Man to the NPC.


In appearance, it is a set of gray metallic spires protruding from the player's back, with wires resembling the colors of the Frontier connecting the spires to the player while the thicker spires are wrapped around the spires themselves.

When equipped, the player will receive a bonus of 20 damage points to all damage-types; melee, ranged, and magic, resulting in higher damage with any weapon used by the players. In addition, it will also regenerate 2 points of the player's maximum health pool every second and give an additional point to walkspeed, allowing them to slightly move faster than normal.


  • The Meeting Remnant is considered to be one of the best back items in the game, as it is the only one to provide increased walkspeed, health regeneration, and damage for all types, the latter of which is especially useful on a Salamander.
  • The Meeting Remnant is typically worn by users wearing the U-Life Set, an armor set with nearly identical themes to the back equipment itself.


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