The Maze of the Root, simply known as the Maze of the Root, is a medium-sized area that can be found in the Nightmare. It can only be accessed by players after entering The Plant Room's door. The requirements to unlock the door in The Plant Room is to cultivate all eight available plants from the Gardening feature in the Frontier.

Once the players had cultivated all eight available plants from the gardening feature and entered the door in The Plant Room, they will first stumble upon a small room known as The Old Cave. This particular zone houses up to 4 Tall Anthony residing in the areas. Ghost Bats and Bats can be found in the room and in addition, a small obstacle will lead to the entrance of the Maze of the Root.

Once the players open the door to the Maze of the Root, they will navigate through the Lower Maze and head to the Upper Maze by entering the correct door. A guide in the form of a video is provided below to assist you, the readers, to traverse through the mazes.


Upon navigating your way successfully to the end, you will be awarded a Nature's Wrath Spell Book by walking up to the podium with this Spell book on it, and pressing E to obtain it.'s_Wrath_Spellbook

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