The Old Cave

This maze is located by entering the Green Button Door, and being a friend of nature. (Planting all 8 different seeds.) This releases the lock on the door, which has been sealed by magic. When you enter through the door that is sealed by magic, you will enter into a room filled with Tall Anthonys in flower plots. Passed this area is the door that leads to the Maze of the Root.

The Maze of the Root

This is no ordinary maze, as inside of it, has an extreme amount of doors that teleport you to another door in the maze when you have stepped through one. The exit is currently unknown and in the process of locating it. There are flying bat like monsters in the maze too, which drop the Item "Monstrous Visage". These bats do not pursue you, though do fly straight down a corridor when you have approached it. They deal roughly 60 damage if you have 101 armor. There's roughly 50 doors, and none of them take you to the same place. Thus you teleport to a random door, making it ever more difficult to find the end.

The Copper Labyrinth is also uncommonly found here.

Finding the correct door will teleport you to a mimic of the maze. Everything is exactly alike, until you realize that there are rat tokens in places you've already checked, and a few items like plants and candles, as well as the entrance are missing.

If you enter the wrong door on the Level 2 portion of the maze, it'll place you back on Level 1.

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