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The Maze of the Root is a two-storied labyrinth hidden somewhere in the massive infrastructure of the Nightmare's mansion. The zone can only be accessed by players that meet the following criteria:

  • The players had cultivated all eight available plants from the Gardening feature
  • The players had unlocked the Green Door previously by pressing a green button hidden somewhere in the Nightmare in order to access The Plant Room

Once the players meet the criteria in order to access Maze of the Root, they will first be directed to a small room known as The Old Cave, occupied by creatures collectively known as Tall Anthony. Venturing further into the cave will the players encounter a small obstacle into the entrance of the Maze of the Root. Once the players opened the door into the Maze of the Root, they will find themselves in the Lower Labyrinth of the zone. Players will need to figure out which door leads into the Upper Labyrinth through many trial and error experiments. Players should keep in mind that hostile creatures inhabit the labyrinths, such as Goons and Macabre Candelabras waiting at every corner of the labyrinth, as well as Monster Birds capable of dealing large amounts of damage towards the player. If you do not wish to consume a lot of time doing this, a guide in the form of a video is provided below to assist you, the readers, to traverse through the dangerous labyrinths of the Nightmare:


Maze of the Root path

Credits to QuiteShyy


The only bird that can be found in the Maze of the Root is the Monster Bird.


Harvestables that can be found in Maze of the Root include Bad Dust, Concentration Cube, Copper Labyrinth, Crumbling Root, Cursed Cards, Dream Mushroom, Freedom Cube, and Liquid Maze.


Mobs that can be found in the Maze of The Root include Clown Buggy, Goon, and Macabre Candelabra.

Reward Room

The Nature's Wrath Spellbook on the pedestal.

Once the players successfully navigated through the labyrinths and entered the correct door to the Reward Room, the Nature's Wrath Spellbook can be seen resting on a pedestal next to two lit candelabras illuminating its surroundings. Players can take the Nature's Wrath Spellbook off the pedestal and use it as a magic weapon throughout their journeys in Fantastic Frontier. Players may also collect a hidden pile of Rat Tokens hidden behind the houseplant in the Reward Room.

Exiting the door to the left of the Reward Room will direct the players back to the entrance of the Maze of the Root. Exiting the door to the right of the Reward Room will direct the players into the "Clown Trap" Room. As its name implies, the players will be taken into a very small room containing a Clown Buggy that will attack the players. Rat Tokens can be found here, however, will prove difficult with the Clown Buggy's constant hits on the players.



  • The Maze of the Root is one of the few places where Pitfall Orbs are commonly found in.
  • The Maze of the Root is one of the few zones in the Nightmare where very few mobs spawn in.
  • The Maze of the Root is likely one of the last places players will go to in order to find Rat Tokens hidden throughout the labyrinths.
  • Multiple collectibles in this area are only found in the Reward Room, namely Cursed Cards and Freedom Cube.