The island of Matumada, simply known as Matumada, is a medium-sized island near The Long Coast. It can only be accessed by purchasing the boathouse on The Long Coast near the Blue Ogre Camp at a price of 500,000 gold. After the players had purchased the boathouse, they can use the rowboat to travel to the island that drifted close to the Frontier.


The island's landscape consists mostly of flat green plains and beaches, which are interspersed with stubby, flat-sided rock structures. Besides that, some areas of the plains are covered by low-elevated fog clouds at night. This composes the "Lower Island" of Matumada.

The Upper Island can be found in the northeastern portion of the island, elevated and overgrown where a tall, flat-sided peak resides at the center of the grove. It is the point of highest elevation on the island of Matumada.

Traveling northeast from the rowboat will the players encounter the radiant isle possessing a rather strange, mysterious cube of ever-burning flames known as the Radiant Stone. It is known as the Radiant Isle for the harmful radiation it produces whenever a player approaches it.

Traveling northwest from the rowboat is the Ice Spire home off the tip of Matumada, a home that can be purchased for 15,000,000 gold. Besides that, it is simply viewed as "a storage closet" for players to store valuable items in.


  • Matumada was added in the Spring Update.
  • Matumada serves as an extension of the Frontier's lands since its "recent" discovery in the Spring Update.


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