Mason Mover is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, The Town of Right and Wrong. He can be found in the buildings marked with the barber pole, right across from the fountain. Players can enter one of the doors where Nelly Brightsun can be found at.

Mason Mover does not appear to be a permanent resident of The Town of Right and Wrong, but someone who moves to different towns and havens in order to transport furniture and other items to one place to another.

Mason Mover is expected to be a renovator, someone who would rebuild, repair, or refurnish particular buildings. This can be backed up by his last name, Mover, which is often used to imply someone is moving one item to one place to another, in this case, it is the furniture and wares that are being transported. The name Mason may derive from the definition of "worker in stone", a worker who mainly specializes in the usages of stones.

List of Dialogues

  • "Woah! You scared me there, buddy! Thought you were a ghost mannequin. Sorry, these shops aren't open up yet!"


  • It is unclear whether or not Mason Mover will appear in a different location in the Frontier or removed entirely once the buildings are renovated and finally opened to the public.
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