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Martin the Carp is a resident that can be found at Rubble Spring, near the fishing spring that players can reel in fishes. Martin the Carp runs his business known as Lakeside Tackle.

Martin sells various fishing poles that players can use:

Expert's Rod.png
Master's Rod.png
Captain's Fishing Rod.png

List of Dialogues

  • "Well, I'll be! You look like a fine young angler, perhaps you're looking to take your fishing up a notch?"
    1. "Let me see what you have."
    2. "Is this your cabin?"
      • "Indeed it is, I built it myself. I always liked coming down to the lake here, so I figured I'd save my self the trek from town. To be honest though, those people up there always bugged me. It's more peaceful out here."
    3. "What's in this lake?"
      • "Technically it's a spring, not a lake. As for what swims in it, well, lots of river fish like to hang around cause of the warmth, but in particular those big catfish seem to love it. Can't say I've ever managed to hook one of those though."
    4. "No thanks."


  • Martin the Carp is the only other vendor in the Frontier that sells fishing rods, the other NPC being Luhr.
  • His title, the Carp, may reference the fish, the carp, a fish that is normally found in freshwater pools of water.
  • Martin the Carp owns the cabin behind him, supposedly building it himself.
  • Martin does not like the people in Topple Town.