Fantastic Frontier Roblox Wiki

Interactive map

An interactive map of Fantastic Frontier, which allows for zooming, clicking on items/NPCs/areas/enemies, which is based on the static map from this article.

  • Map functionality by As8D, pictures by Aquadrious, ShiinaShy and Quintin.

How to use

  • Use your mouse scrollwheel to zoom in or out.
  • Hover on a marker on the minimap to display a tooltip with brief information about the item/NPC/area/enemy.
  • Click on a marker on the minimap to open its related article, if any.

Improving upon the map

  • If marker locations are missing, inform a Wiki Staff member (you can also write on Discord) to have them added.
  • If there are bugs/issues with the map, inform As8D to have it fixed. Updates to the map code can take several days.

Static map

A fanmade map of Fantastic Frontier, featuring the full legitimate map as seen in-game.

  • Picture & edits by Roks (RoksTheWolf) and Aquadrious.


  • This map is currently a 'placeholder map'. The final version(s) of the map will come later.
  • Click any image of the map to find their full resolution.
  • If you would like to see maps for some of the most sought-after items/objects/entities, a user by the name of "1rubberducky2" had made pin-points of specific items/objects/entities that you could rely on. Please be thankful that they are doing this out of courtesy~!

(Up to date with Version 1.10a)