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The Mandrake is one of the eight plants that can be cultivated and harvested by the players from gardening, a feature introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.

The Mandrake plant can appear after a Mandrake Seed has been cultivated and grown over the course of 12 real-life hours. The Mandrake Seed cannot be purchased from any vendors, although it can be obtained as a very rare drop from the Industry Giants and/or Spikers.

Once the players harvest the Mandrake plant, an uprooted Mandrake will jump out of the ground, wandering aimlessly into random spots near the gardening plots. Players must kill the uprooted Mandrake in order to acquire any of the end-products of a Mandrake plant.

After the Mandrake is slain by the players, it will yield a Mandrake Head and 1 to 3 Mandrake Roots. These end-products do not have any apparent purposes and can be sold to a selling vendor at a total value of 6,600 gold to 39,800 gold.


  • Most players advise other players to farm the Spikers, as they are frequently common in The Mansion. These creatures can drop up to 4 Mandrake Seeds if they do drop it.
  • Unlike any other plants of the Gardening feature, a fully-grown Mandrake plant yields a living Mandrake which is required to be killed to obtain any drops.
  • A fully grown Mandrake plant will emit a swirling particle effect as if it were sleeping. It is currently the only plant from the Gardening feature to emit particles.