Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Magma Knight is a hostile humanoid that can be found in the Frontier. They are found at the Pit Depths, more specifically at the magma level of The Pits. They are usually accompanied by Magma Bat. Like other magma-like mobs, the Magma Knight also drops the Magma Brain Chunks upon death.

In appearance, it wields an Inferno Sword that can be obtained from the Magma Knight on rare occasions. It wears a red hood, as well as a red scarf. It wears a black attire, resembling molten magma. The Magma Knight has glowing, white-reddish eyes to intimidate the players.

There are two known attacks that the Magma Knight will unleash upon the players. The first known attack is stabbing the player with its Inferno Sword. The second known attack is lunging and bursting fire in a single direction towards the player.

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