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Magic weapons are one of the three main damage types that can inflict damage upon their opponents in all ranges of combat. These magic weapons can range from spellbooks, staffs, and even some weapons that receive/provide magic damage bonuses. These magic weapons can be purchased from vendors found in the Frontier, but can also be obtained by killing specific creatures, as well as other sources that gift the players.

Well-known vendors that sell magic weapons include Gnome Wizard Master, Construct, Otherworldly Weaponsmith, and the Strangeman. Other well-known vendors include Vhitmire and Linkman the Junkman. All of these vendors can sell beginner and/or advanced weapons that players can use to combat against foes and other creatures found in the Frontier.

A short summary on how the table is presented, it will first present the image or the preview of the specific magic weapon, as well as its name, its cost(s), damage values, any bonuses and/or special abilities provided with it, its source, and its description.


  • Why is the Blade of the Throne and/or The Jade Twin listed in the article, even though they are melee weapons?
    • It can receive magic damage bonuses (Caster Form does not require ammunition; solely based on the swing materializing magical slashes).
  • Why is Brainstaff listed in the article, even though it's a melee weapon?
    • It can receive magic damage bonuses.
  • Weapon pages did have evaluations, though they have been discontinued as of February 26, 2021. An archive of these evaluations can be found here.

List of Magic Weapons

Pure Magic Weapons

Any magic weapons that only take magic damage-bonuses will be seen below:

Blade of the Throne.png
Frontier Spellbook.png
Nature's Wrath Spellbook.png

Hybrid Weapons

Any magic weapons that do not purely take magic damage-bonuses and may focus on other damage-bonuses (ranged or melee) will be seen below:

Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger.png