The Magic Radio is one of the two items that can only be obtained via game-pass, the other one being Ratboy Morph Ring. The Magic Radio allows the players to have a magical, levitating radio that follows the player around playing the custom music that the players had chosen after inputting an IP/code/link to play their music during their time in the Frontier.

There are three ways to obtain a Magic Radio:

  • Purchasing it in the Robux Shop (hotkey P)
  • Purchasing it at the Stores section of the Fantastic Frontier's ROBLOX page.
  • Interacting with the Dancer in The Town of Right and Wrong dancing to the tunes being played by the Magic Radio

Other players in the Frontier are also able to hear the custom music as well, only if they are close to the Magic Radio. Unlike other items, the Magic Radio has its own special menu that will allow the player to gain access to put in a music ID/IP.

In order to access the music menu, they can press the hotkey "M", taking the players to a screen with a pop-up screen showing the music menu, where they can proceed to use it.


Any music that is played from the Magic Radio will not result in the player(s) being banned for copyright issues. However, if they were to record a video of themselves with the music playing in the background, they may or may not face some sort of consequences where their videos will be taken down.


  • It cannot be sold, thus making it unsellable.
  • It is surprisingly one of the only game-pass items that actually have a special use, unlike the Ratboy Morph Ring who faces severe criticism and negative feedback.


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