• Alias: Animated Candelabra, Candle, Candle Monster, Living Candelabra, Possessed Candelabra

The Macabre Candelabra is an animate object that's possessed by an unknown spiritual force in The Nightmare. It can be found in several locations of The Nightmare, such as The Grand Hall and The Mansion. Similar to Apple Bats, the Macabre Candelabra will begin to move and attack the players if approached.


There are two attacks that the Macabre Candelabra can perform:

  • Fire Blast - A blast of fire brushes harshly against the players. Typically activated if the player is near it.
  • Jab - Attempts to jab the players with its candles as it levitates diagonally.


To avoid this mob, the player should pay attention to their surroundings, making sure certain objects (like the candelabras) are not in odd positions or in places where they appear to be isolated in. This is a good way to recognize the main difference between a normal candelabra and a possessed candelabra.

Another thing to keep in mind is to land the first hit on the mob first, which will trigger its 'weak' stage, making it easily killable. If the mob land the first hit, it will trigger its 'strong' stage, making it more difficult to kill due to an increase in its health pool.


  • It is one of the few mobs that can easily startle players, both new and old.
  • It is one of the few mobs players will farm for since they drop the Guttermouth Key.
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