The Mystery Store is one of three new shops from Ratboys Nightmare update.

To find his store, go straight from starting room through a door. Behind a wood panel, you will find another door with a staircase sign above. Access to this store is by obtaining the Member's Keycard.




Wicked Junk Spellbook
Fire Hood
Fire Spellbound Mage Top
Fire Spellbound Mage Skirt
U-Life Helmet Live life anew with the U-Life Armor set! Call my husband! 23 Armor

60 Ranged Damage

0.8 HP Regen

1 Walkspeed

U-Life Platebody '
U-Life Platelegs '
Brain Monocle 30 Magic Damage

30 Range Damage

Gun Fists A powerful conglomeration of shotguns and gatling guns affixed to the wearer's fists. 420/210 Damage

Gatling Mode

Red Power Fists
Propaganda Head
Rising Dark Mask
Rising Dark Robe Top
Rising Dark Robe Bottoms
Criminal's Tallhat
Items sold and changed daily include:
Red king Greatsword Greatsword of the raging Red King. 420 Damage

Blade of The Rage

Clever Cube This clever cube produces an odd aura. Such effects are rare in the Frontier, but whoever made this cube figured something out. 10 Armor

60 All Damage types

Wired Fury Helmet HARNESS RAGE! 11 Armor

90 Melee Damage

Wired Fury Platebody ' 25 Armor

90 Melee Damage

Wired Fury Platelegs ' 20 Armor

90 Melee Damage

Ice Hood 9 Armor

75 Magic Damage

3% Endurance.

Ice Spellbound Mage Top 22 Armor

75 Magic Damage

3% Endurance

Ice Spellbound Mage Skirt 16 Armor

75 Magic Damage

3% Endurance

Court Jester Shirt 18 Armor 60 Melee Damage

60 Magic Damage

Court Jester Pants

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