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Luhr is a vendor that can be found at Topple Lake, a territory within Topple Town. Luhr runs his business known as Luhr's Tackle. Luhr sells various items that players can use, equip, and wear that includes the following:

Advanced Rod.png
Basic Fishing Rod.png
Beige's Angler Hat.png
Brown Angler's Hat.png
Captain's Cap Large.png
Green Angler's Hat.png
Yellow Angler's Hat.png

Luhr is assumed to be a play on words of the word 'lure', which is a way of a person reeling in something with a fishing rod.

List of Dialogues

  • "Looking for a new rod?"
    1. "I want to shop."
    2. "How do I get started fishing?"
      • "First you'll need a fishing pole. Once you have that, find it in your inventory and equip it. When you're holding the rod, you can cast it out at any water you find. Watch the bobber, and when you see a splash, click your mouse to reel the fish in. If you're quick enough, you'll have yourself a fish! There a lot of fishing spots out there, and a ton of different fish!"
    3. "Leave"


  • Luhr is often visited by beginner players to purchase a fishing rod so that they can begin filling up their entries of the Fishpedia in their Itempedias.
  • Luhr is the only NPC that references things outside of his world. Luhr is omniscient and omnipotent (he says to click your mouse to fish).