Lucky Larry is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. He's located near a building near the second house that beginner players can purchase, near Benny Oreman's shop. It is possible that he could be the mysterious figure represented as a statue in the town square.

According to Lucky Larry, people had called him Lucky Larry, although he claims that he's just consistent, which means that he has an unchanging nature, standard, or effect over time. This could also be supported by one of his dialogues, where he checked a lot of shops found in the Frontier in order to find a rare item and often in times, players would often brag that they had seen something rare and obtained it. This can be further supported by his attire, green, and the color green is usually associated towards luck and charms. The name Larry can mean laurel, which is a weaved crown to honor or praise one's achievements, in this case, the inhabitants of Topple Town is complimenting that Larry is lucky, which would be assumed to be worthy of praise towards one's achievements.

Players can interact with Lucky Larry, gaining access to three different dialogues. Here are the dialogues:

"A lot of shops get new items every day, I check every morning so I never lose out on a rare item!"

Lucky Larry implies that he usually checks a lot of shops every morning, so he will always be informed by a rare item, assumably the Clothing Seller's shop and Gunner Gary's shop in particular.

"They call me Lucky Larry, but the truth is, I'm just consistent. If you're looking for something out there, don't give up!"

Lucky Larry is aware that people call him lucky, but claims that he is just consistent. Lucky Larry then states that if the player is looking for something out there, they should not give up and take the time to achieve that goal, rather than being drowned in jealousy of other's accomplishments or to doubt their abilities to achieve such a goal.

"Have you heard of Wonald Izzi? I hear he sells some pretty uncommon stuff."

Lucky Larry is referring to Wonald Izzi Jackson, who is notably known for the Jump Boots. Larry then states that he sells uncommon stuff that is not normally obtained in normal means.

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