Looney Lenny the Hedgeknight is a vendor that runs the shop known as Hedge Knight's Tent, on the side where Great Pine Forest borders the Abandoned Orchard, Blackrock Mountain, Topple Hill, Ancient Forest, and the Twinkling Meadow. Looney Lenny the Hedgeknight sells a variety of items that include the following:

Ornate Red Cape.png
Actual Spiked Crossbow Bolts.png
Hedge Knight Helmet.png
Hedge Knight Torso.png
Hedge Knight Legs.png

List of Dialogues

  • "Welcome to MY shop! HAHAHA!"
    1. "Show me what you have."
    2. "Who are you?"
      • "Who am I? HAHAHAHAHA! I'm Looney Lenny. Can't you read kid? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
        1. "Just show me what you have, jerk."
        2. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
            1. "Alright, Lenny that's enough. I want to shop."
            2. "Classic Lenny. See you around."
        3. "I won't be shopping here. Goodbye."
    3. "Goodbye."


  • Looney Lenny the Hedgeknight is the only vendor in the Frontier that sells the Featherblade and the Hedge Knight Armor Set.
  • The title looney derives from the word 'loony', which simply means a person is crazy or silly. This references the behavior of the NPC based on his maniacal laughter. The name Lenny possibly originates from the name 'Leonard', which means 'lion-hearted', although it is unclear how it ties to the character as a whole. His other title, 'the Hedgeknight', refers to the NPC's role in the Frontier, a hedge knight, which is simply a wandering knight without a master.
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