The Lool Flower is one of the many harvestable that can be found in the Frontier. They are not to be confused with the Fife Flower, as both of these harvestable shares similar appearances. The Lool Flower is known for its rarity but is slightly less rare than the Fife Flower. They are usually sold to selling vendors at a price of 5,900 gold.

In appearance, its main colors are green and black. Its petals are black and also possess a black stem, like the Fife Flower. It has a green, glowing flora in the middle of its petals. The main difference between a Lool Flower and a Fife Flower is its petals and flora.

The Lool Flower is named after for being classified as a type of flower, but it is unclear on why it is called the Lool Flower.

The Lool Flower can grow anywhere, as implied by its description. These locations will be listed below, but will not be thoroughly explained as to why the Lool Flower can be found in the particular area:

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