The Litter Quest is an easy beginner-level quest that all players will encounter earlier on in their adventures. The Litter Quest is handed out by the quest giver known as Lawrence the Cleaner, who is notably seen with his broom, sweeping the ground of the town square of Topple Town.

Players are expected to interact with Lawrence the Cleaner if they wish to begin the Litter Quest. Once the players accept the quest from Lawrence, they are asked to collect 5 pieces of Litter, a miscellaneous item that can be found throughout Topple Town in various hiding spots.

After the players collected 5 pieces of litter and turn it to Lawrence the Cleaner, the players will receive 20,000 gold as a reward for completing the quest. Once the player completes the quest, they cannot repeat this quest, which means this can only be completed once and only once.

List of Location(s)

  • Next to the trash can behind the small mines that is next to Benny Oreman's pickaxe shop
  • Next to the ladder leading up to Gunner Gary's shop
  • Near the bluish-white building next to the pig pen
  • Bordering next to the foundation or on the foundation of the Toad Tom's cafeteria
  • Under the wooden platforms and stairways leading up to the building of the Gnomes
  • In various corners of the Gnome Magic School
  • Scattered throughout the town square
  • Under the front porch of Red Ogre Inn
  • In the small tunnelway found near the Gnome Magic School's gate
  • Behind a fence bordering a building; next to the pathway leading to Topple Lake
  • Scattered on the ground near Lucky Larry at a building
  • Near the carrot garden where the Carrot Gnome can be found at
  • In the stables of Topple Town
  • In a corner of a building near the location of Luhr
  • Behind the small building with an ore-filled cart near the graveyard
  • On the pathways leading to Captain Finnegan's airship
  • Scattered throughout the graveyard in various spots
  • Under the wooden platforms and stairways nearest to the entrance of Topple Town
  • Next to the abandoned, worn-down building hidden within the surrounding buildings of Topple Town: marked with an ogre statue above the door
  • Next to a metallic bucket near Topple Lake at the section where it splits to the docks and bridge of Topple Lake


  • Players can still continue to acquire and obtain Litter after the completion of the quest, although there is little to no use for it.
  • This is one of the few quests that can benefit beginner players and is one of the easiest quests to complete.
  • After completing the quest, the players can interact with Lawrence the Cleaner and Lawrence will say that the players can now call him Lawrence.


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