Litter is one of the few miscellaneous items that are naturally found in the Frontier. It is also one of the few miscellaneous items that do not have a specific subcategory in the Itempedia. In addition, it is one of the few miscellaneous items with a very small selling price, at a selling price of 1 gold.

Since the arrival of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, the Litter can be acquired as a possible 'gift' from the Noble Blue Flower and the Gift Fruit.

It cannot be purchased through any means or sources and is not given or obtained from any other sources. The only way to obtain this is by finding it scattered throughout Topple Town.

Litter can be found throughout Topple Town in many spots, although up to 5 litters can only be found littered at a spot in Topple Town. Litter can be seen as one of the three variants (these can be seen in the icon):

  • A discarded, rusty can
  • Discarded papers
  • Discarded paper ball/lint

The Litter is mainly used and acquired for the Litter Quest, handed out by Lawrence the Cleaner. If the player decides to partake in the quest, they must find 5 litters that are scattered throughout Topple Town.


  • Litter is infamous for its spawn rate, barely making an appearance before and after the Otherworld Update.
  • Litter is quite rare in the Frontier as most of the time, the sanctuaries and safe havens are often clean and healthy.
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