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|[[Farm Fortress Defense Quest]]
|[[Farm Fortress Defense Quest]]
|Old Man/Old Woman (Farm Fortress)
|Grandpa Farmer
|[[Hooked Scythe]]
|[[Hooked Scythe]]

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Quests, not to be mistaken for bosses, are tasks provided to players from NPCs, in return for rewards. There are several quests that players can complete to get money and items. Quests can only be completed once, and changes how NPCs related to the given quest replies to the user through dialogue afterwards.

List of Quests

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Quest Difficulty Quest start Reward
Litter Quest Lawrence the Sweeper 20,000 gold
Frog Quest Red Ogre Inn Various Rare Items
Farm Fortress Defense Quest ☆☆ Grandpa Farmer Hooked Scythe
Arnold Slime Quest ☆☆ Arnold Slime Pipe Rifle & 35 Bullets
Collectus ☆☆☆☆☆ Death Portal The Master Capes

List of Mini-Quests

Quest Difficulty Quest Start Apart of Reward
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