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This article will contain the list of secrets, mysteries, easter eggs, and references that are noted to be found in-game or outside of the game and somehow relates to Fantastic Frontier in general. Each of these easter eggs will be summarized and will be thoroughly be discussed in the article.

Please note that this article is still under construction and may not have all of the reported discoveries as time goes by as more updates are introduced to the community of Fantastic Frontier. You may help this article by commenting on this particular article with images and/or details.

List of Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are subjects, topics, and/or ideas that are hidden well in-game, attempts to reference something, located in obscured places, and/or in places where the majority does not pay any attention to while exploring the Frontier. Easter eggs tend to be things that are fun to find or sparks the curiosity of the player, such as the Carrot Gnome in Topple Town or the cardboard cutout of Dennis Reynold in Great Pine Forest. Overall, most of these easter eggs share connections to the game itself.

Subject(s) Example(s) Location(s) Details
Blue Lantern Prop
TT-Blue Lantern.png
Gnome Magic School A small "house decoration" taking on the appearance of a 'baby version' of the Blue Lantern.

This can be found behind the Flashy Gnome Merchant in the Gnome Magic School.

Carrot Gnome
Carrot Gnome.png
Topple Town A gnome that semi-buried themselves with other carrots in an isolated alleyway behind the shopping district of Topple Town.

Apparently wants to be a carrot. Good for him.

Dennis Reynold Cardboard Cutout Great Pine Forest A hidden cardboard cutout of a fictional character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dennis Reynolds.
Dr. Seuss
Dr. seuss.png
The Town of Right and Wrong Also known as Mystery Man, Dr. Seuss is a non-interactive NPC that can be found on one of the tower's rooftops, closest to the area of The Great Eyeman.

May be a future mob that will be added in future updates. May also be a 'template model' for the Inspector.

Topple Hill A farmer that can only say "what up". Found in Topple Hill's farmhouse.

Possibly serves as a random "comedy-relief" NPC that players could interact with.

Red Ant Cove A vendor trapped in a cage, surrounded by spicy chicken legs.

The vendor can be found in Red Ant Cove, specifically in an underground room that can be accessed with two methods:

  1. Using the tunnels leading to and out of Pebble Bay.
  2. Finding a hole in one of the main surface ditches and jumping into it.
Gnome Marking
Gnome Icon Image 1.png
Waiting Room An icon made in the general shape of a gnome's head can be found on one of the chairs inside of the Waiting Room. This will only become visible when the back of the chair fails to load. This symbol is also seen on the side of the Gnome Rocket Launcher
Golden Ratboy
Illusionary Inn A golden replica of the Ratboy, "standing" on the ceiling of the Illusionary Inn in The Town of Right and Wrong.

it is non-interactive, similar to Dr. Seuss.

Leaf Icon
Leaf Icon.png
A Frontier of Dragons A leaf icon that can be found on a tree's leaves in A Frontier of Dragons. Simply references the icon used for the Harvestables section of the Itempedia.
Nevesytnewt'cisum Llacitah'wstaht
Nevesytnewt'cisum Llacitah'wstaht.png
Blackrock Mountain When reading the name backwards, the name spells out to be "That's What I Call Music Twenty Seven", possibly referencing a music album.

After interacting with the NPC, the NPC will reference the eyes of the mountain (once the players read its dialogue in reverse).

Otherworld Statue Prop
TT-Symbolic Statue.png
Red Ogre Inn A prop nearly identical to that of the Otherworld Statue in the Twinkling Meadow.

A former "foreshadowing" easter egg, alongside with the Stone Ratboy.

Topple Town A possible reference to the video game character, Q*bert.

Can be found in Ollie Ozzwald's stand in Topple Town.

Rabbit Hole's Painting
RobloxScreenShot20180310 093323758 (2).png
Rabbit Hole A hidden painting found on the side surfaces of a rock in Rabbit Hole.
Red Ratboy
Red Ratboy.png
Ancient Forest A variant of the Ratboy that can be found underneath a pine tree's leaves in the territories of Ancient Forest, near the spot where 3 Beachbirds could be found at.

Widely known and speculated to be the creator of the Otherworld Presents.

Stone Ratboy
Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 4.33.30 PM.png
Red Ogre Inn A small stone figurine of Ratboy. A possible reference to "He has fallen" from the teaser that Spectrabox had uploaded before the "next update after the 1.10 (Fishing) Update."

Added on June 29, 2018.

Ancient Forest A statue dedicated to the deceased dog that was once owned by the developers (Spectrabox)
The Deli's Cake
The Deli Pressing E on the cake will trigger an audio of a classic Roblox audio file that yells, "Happy birthday!"

This is a reference to the 1-year anniversary of FF. This can also be interpreted as a special place for someone that has a birthday while playing Fantastic Frontier.

Unidentified Beast
Unidentified Beast.png
Farm Fortress An unidentified beast found in one of the wastebins within the garrison of Fronand Frobeet'zo in Farm Fortress.

Initially discovered by user Phillip713 (Discord server).


Mysteries are subjects, topics, and/or ideas that spark the curiosities of many players in the community of Fantastic Frontier. They are typically things that lack solid, clear explanations, often relying on the community to decide why it exists. Overall, these would typically include "lore-essential" landmarks and/or speculations.


References are subjects, topics, and/or ideas that attempts to reference another subject/topic/idea, such as video games, media, culture, religions, politics, and practically anything else. References could be references in-game or outside of Fantastic Frontier.


Secrets are subjects, topics, and/or ideas that are noticed by most parts of the community. Unlike mysteries, they are easier to explain and notice while exploring the Frontier and other landmasses.

Subject Location(s) Details Example(s)
Clamstack Cave Ancient Forest A hidden area that was once unknown to most players, but as of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, all, if not, most of the community are aware of this location as a place where they can harvest Clamstacks to acquire a hefty amount of gold.
Eyes of the Mountain Blackrock Mountain The Eyes of the Mountain, referenced in a quote from Nevesytnewt'cisum Llacitah'wstaht. It is a hidden area that can be found near the peak of the mountain, serving as a small area to mine ores located inside the 'eye' of the mountain.
Cave Greenhorn Grove A cave located underneath a large portion of Greenhorn Grove. Acts as a cavern hosting ores/gems that can be mined by players, as well as a home to Little Ants and Glow Mushrooms.
Greenhorn Grove's Cave.png
Gazing Eye The Pits The Pits: Gazing Eye, also known as the Gazing Eye, is an interactable eyeball NPC that can be found in The Pits, around its rims. It can be interacted and will display the message to gaze into the eye where it will take the player to a flashback of the shopping district of Topple Town from the view at the Gnome Magic School's entrance. It also produces a weird, strange sound that can be heard throughout the Frontier.

Fantastic Frontier Wikia - Gazing Eye

Hidden Cave Topple Town Serves as an obscured mining area that players can mine ores/gems located inside the cavern, as well as harvesting harvestables found in the cave. Located underneath the Cliffside Overlooks section of Topple Town, near Topple Lake.
RobloxScreenShot20170718 121930119.png


Any subjects that are not mentioned in-game, but are acquired or seen through exploration or real life & in-game comparisons, such as the vine ladders scattered throughout different areas that players can use to climb on.

Subject Location(s) Details Example(s)
Upside Down Painting Celestial Field (Tower) An unusual painting placed upside-down on the walls in Celestial Field's tower.
RobloxScreenShot20180630 004601560-0.png
Vine Ladders Great Pine Forest

Greenhorn Grove

The Long Coast

Topple Town

Vine ladders that players can climb on if they are unable to find a place where they can walk back up to the elevated lands of the Frontier.

List of Solved Easter Eggs

Solved Easter Eggs

A sub-section that compiles the list of easter eggs that were once mysterious, but were simply dismissed to be an ex-mystery that had been cleared up by other details that supports its "resolution".

Subject Location(s) Details Example(s)
Hidden Tunnel Blue Ogre Camp An area of the Frontier that was not filled in properly while the developers were using the terrain editor.

Once thought to be a hidden cave beforehand.

Glass Shards/Tattered Cloth The Far Coast Glass shards and/or tattered cloth dotted across the sands of The Far Coast near The Quiet Field's tower.

Once thought to be pieces of a broken message bottle beforehand.

Otherworld Tower The Town of Right and Wrong Formerly known as The Grand Castle, it was once mysterious to the community before the Otherworld Update. It was later revealed to be the dungeon instance of the Otherworld Tower dungeon after the Otherworld Update was introduced.

Once thought to be a bridge leading to distant landmasses.


Before-Beta Features

This section will discuss what was initially planned during the beginning of the development of Fantastic Frontier. Little to no information is known about this and is simply backed up by other source-related files. Here's a list of speculated features/content the developers had developed, but quickly abandoned, revamped, and/or replaced by other features:

Name Preview Details
Book of Fire
Book of Fire.png
The Book of Fire was first discovered in a Reddit post posted by Spectrabox where he designed two spellbooks: fire and ice respectively. This book was originally made in GIMP alongside with the Book of Frost. It is possible that this was the main inspiration of the Firesoul Spellbook that we now know today.
Book of Frost
Book of Frost.png
The Book of Frost is speculated to be the first spellbook that was possibly intended to be implemented at the beginning of the development of Fantastic Frontier. It is noted that it does not share the similar presentation to that of the other currently known items as it does not appears to be created out of meshes or models, instead, it is created via drawing. If it were to be implemented in the past, the Book of Frost would've probably been the first spellbook that was created for the game of Fantastic Frontier, followed by the Firesoul Spellbook, Darktoad Spellbook, etc.

Upon further sources, we have now discovered that it originated from one of Spectrabox's reddit posts where he described that he made a fire spellbook and an ice spellbook respectively in GIMP.

Bow DS.png
The Bow is speculated to be an abandoned feature during the development of Fantastic Frontier. Just like the Book of Frost, it differentiates from the present-day items as it appears to be drawn. Despite this, the Bow is assumed to have been used in other personal and private games of the developers.
Cave Bug [No Image] The Cave Bug is supposedly a scrapped mob that was planned to be introduced. There are several animation files for it; one for Idle, Run, Attack, and Attack 2. These animation files were made around Dec. 2, 2016.
Recipe Complete
Recipe Complete.png
The icon used to signify a completion of a recipe. Possibly assumed to be part of the shelved feature of the ability to cook in Fantastic Frontier.
Recipe Uncomplete
Recipe Uncomplete.png
The icon used to signify an incompletion of a recipe. Possibly assumed to be part of the shelved feature of the ability to cook in Fantastic Frontier.
Spell Icon (Crystal Hail)
Spell Icon - Crystal Hail.png
One of the three special abilities of the Book of Frost. This decal serves as an icon for the special ability known as Crystal Hail and it is assumed that the targets will be showered with crystal-shaped spikes of hail that will pierce through the target.
Spell Icon (Frost Bomb)
Spell Icon - Frost Bomb.png
One of the three special abilities of the Book of Frost. This decal serves as an icon for the special ability known as the Frost Bomb and it is assumed that is similar to how a meteor of the Firesoul Spellbook is cast, a bombardment of frost will fall down from the skies in order to inflict large amounts of damage upon the affected areas and targets.
Spell Icon (Permafrost)
Spell Icon - Permafrost.png
One of the three special abilities of the Book of Frost. This decal serves as an icon for the special ability known as Permafrost and it is assumed that the players will release a wave of frost energies around itself in order to apply the lethargic effect on their targets, slowing them down.
Official Upcoming Game Teaser of FF.jpg
Now, we know what you are thinking "WTH, SPONGEBOB?! I KNEW IT!". This was supposedly an "official teaser" of Fantastic Frontier that was found in one of Spectrabox's Reddit posts where he did not specify what the game would be known as. It is possible that Spectrabox based the Gumbo from this iconic cartoon character.
Sword DS.png
The Sword is speculated to be a beta design of the present-day greatswords that we now have during the release of Fantastic Frontier. Just like the Bow and the Book and Frost, it differentiates from the present-day items as it appears to be drawn. Despite this, the Sword is assumed to have been used in other personal and private games of the developers.