Linkman the Junkman is a traveling merchant that travels across the lands of the Frontier. The locations of where Linkman the Junkman can be found at varies as Linkman the Junkman relocates its position during the nighttime.

According to Linkman the Junkman, it only sells objects that are perceived to have value, such as late-game armor sets and pieces, as well as items that are difficult to acquire.

Big Orange Eyes Large
Blade of the Throne
Crabsuit Headgear Large
Crabsuit Top Large
Crabsuit Legs Large
Crescent Coralhead Large
Crypt Blade Large
Deep Sea Treasure Chest
Esteemed Heirloom Large
Eyes of the Sword Large
Far North Mask Large
Funky Driftlander
Gardendweller Hat Large
Gardendweller Top Large
Gardendweller Pants Large
Gauntlet Fury Helmet Large
Gauntlet Fury Platebody Large
Gauntlet Fury Platelegs Large
Knight's Army Core Large
Knight's Army Platebody Large
Knight's Army Platelegs Large
Pettyganger's Parade Mask Large
Pettyganger's Parade Legwarmers Large
Pettyganger's Parade Suit Top Large
Philmore's Helmet Large
Ranger's Backpack Large
Romo Helmet Large
Romo Robo-Legs Large
Romo Torso Large
Spinner Rattle Large
Spooky Grin
Straw Trinket-0
The Mask of Forgotten Things Large
The Armor of Forgotten Things Large
The Platelegs of Forgotten Things Large
The Shirt With The Big Pocket Large
Thinker's Box Large
Traveling Human Element Large
Xenoculous Large
Yaaxil Flame Large

List of Locations

Linkman the Junkman can be found in various locations and therefore, the player must search throughout the lands of the Frontier in order to find Linkman the Junkman's position in the Frontier. Here is the list of known locations:

Note: if the list is missing a location that you know that isn't on the wiki, please comment on this article and provide a screenshot of its location. If you cannot provide a screenshot, at least attempt to state where they can be found at.

Location(s) Images & Details
Celestial Field
RobloxScreenShot20180205 141614956
On the castle wall's paths to the Celestial Field's tower.
The Town of Right and Wrong
RobloxScreenShot20180209 142143932
Across from the Spirit of Commerce
2018-02-05 17
Standing next to the pile of crates where the Dark Gnome is located at.
2018-02-05 9
Standing near the stairways. Located near the Dark Gnome.
Standing near the Illusionary Inn.
RobloxScreenShot20180209 045649033
Standing on the Otherworld Tower's walls.
Screenshot 594
Standing next to the wheelbarrow near Little Chelli.
Screenshot 595
Surrounded by a pile of barrels at the Otherworld Tower.
2018-02-05 8
Standing in front of the pathway leading up to the upper section of The Town of Right and Wrong. Near the stairways to Spirit of Commerce.
Linkman The Junkman
Standing on the left side of the pathway leading into the Otherworld Tower.
2018-02-05 12
Standing near the entrance of The Town of Right and Wrong.
Screenshot 593
Standing on the right side of the pathway leading into the Otherworld Tower.
Standing on the right side of the pathway leading into the Otherworld Tower, but in a different position.
Screenshot 596
Standing in front of the pathway leading to the Spirit of Commerce, except in a different position.
In the hidden alleyways of The Town of Right and Wrong.
Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 5.58.36 PM
To the left of the Dark Gnome.
Topple Town
2018-02-05 14
Standing across the Red Ogre Inn's porch.
2018-02-06 6
Standing near the statue located in the town square.
Standing near the entrance of Topple Town outside of the gates.
2018-02-06 13
Standing in front of the Pig.
Next to-0
On the walls between the Gnome Magic School's gates and the barber shop.
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.27.13 PM
Standing on the walls near Topple Tower.
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.44.20 PM
Standing next to Bob Beckons' stand.
Standing at the docks in Topple Lake.
Standing on the overlook platform above Topple Lake.
Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.47.45 PM
Standing in front of the balcony of Realtor Reynold's office and home.
RobloxScreenShot20180819 151812961
Standing next to a tree near the entrance.

List of Dialogues


  • "Everyday, I just want to sell an object that I perceive to have value."
  1. I want to shop.
  2. Who are you?
    • "Just buy! DON'T SPEAK! You're mixing my junk all around!"
  3. My word, goodbye.
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