Lawrence the Cleaner is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. He can be found cleaning the grounds of the town square, often shifting towards one area to another. He is notably known to sweep with his broom that he holds and is the quest giver of the Litter Quest. When interacted with, Lawrence the Cleaner hands out the Litter Quest where the players will need to collect five pieces of Litter that are hidden and scattered throughout Topple Town. After the player had obtained five pieces of litter, Lawrence the Cleaner will reward the player with 20,000 gold. He can be interacted with again after the completion of the quest, having a completely different set of dialogue when the player interacts with him.

Implied by his title, Lawrence the Cleaner is a cleaner and cleaners are often known to care about cleanliness and forbids anything 'dirty' that can be harmful to the environment or another entity. The name Lawrence probably derives from the meaning 'Of Laurentum', although it is unclear how it relates to the character as a whole.

List of Dialogues

Pre-Completion of Litter Quest

  • "Oh...OH! Sorry about that I was completely absorbed, what can I help you with?"
    1. "Need some help?"
      • "Hey, that doesn't sound like too bad of idea. I could use some help cleaning up this place. What do you say? Care to help an old cleaner out?"
        1. "Sure."
          • "Terrific. It's great to see that some young people still care about cleanliness. Collect 5 pieces of litter and bring them back to me for a reward."
        2. "What's in it for me?"
          • "I'm sure I could muster up some sort of reward if that's what you're after."
            1. "I'll do it."
              • "Good! Collect 5 pieces of litter and bring them back to me for your reward."
            2. "I'd rather not."
              • "Have a good one."
        3. "I'd rather not."
    2. "Who are you?"
      • "I'm just a cleaner."
    3. "Nothing."

Mid-Completion of Litter Quest

  • "How's that cleaning coming along?"
  • "Oh good! Oh, let's see...Ah...Erm...I'm afraid you're a bit short! Come back with 5 pieces of litter."
  • "Oh just about anywhere inside the town limits. Keep an eye out for cans, paper, and other discarded material."
  • "Oh good! Oh, let's see...Ah, excellent! Five pieces of litter. You've been an incredible help with cleaning up this town. Here, I have something for you."

Completion of Litter Quest

  • "Now that we're friendly, you can call me Lawrence."


  • Lawrence the Cleaner was originally known as Lawrence the Sweeper before the name was changed during the release of the Otherworld Update.
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