The Lava Munsk, one of the many elite mobs that can be found in the Frontier, is introduced into the Frontier during the Otherworld Update. There had been no reports of the Lava Munsk being found in the Otherworld Tower, a 50-floor dungeon where a maximum of 4 players can venture through and slay the enemies that lurk in the dungeon. Despite this, the Lava Munsk can be found in the Frontier, usually in areas that are notably closer to The Pits.

Similar to the the 'normal' Munsk, the Lava Munsk will attack the players on sight once the Lava Munsk is able to detect the players. The Lava Munsk is expected to be tougher to kill than a 'normal' Munsk and is capable of inflicting large amounts of damage.

In appearance, it shares similar features of a Munsk, but with several key differences. Its limbs are molten, stable lava, as well as having a body that is mainly comprised of molten rocks. it is also noted that there are clouds of 'lava/magma' that are seen hovering above the head of a Lava Munsk. Its main colors comprises of different shades of orange, brown, and gray colors. It is assumed to be half the size of a 'normal' Munsk.

The Lava Munsk was named as the Lava Munsk due to how lava are magma that is exposed onto the earth's surfaces, and from there, it is one of the main reasons why it is called the Lava Munsk, rather than being called a Magma Munsk. Ruby Munsk and Crystal Munsk are not necessarily fitting names as this particular creature does not share close resemblances to the ruby gemstone or being comprised out of crystals.

The Lava Munsk share similar attacks of a 'normal' Munsk and can range from:

  • Stretching its neck in order to attempt to bite off the player's head
  • Jumps forward in order to stomp on the player with its limbs
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