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Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Lava Munsk is one of the many mobs that can be found in the Frontier. Similar to the Munsk, the Lava Munsk is a variant of the Munsk and can also be found in The Pits, as well as in other locations. The Lava Munsk is named as a Lava Munsk since lava is magma that is exposed onto the earth's surfaces, and hence, why it is called the Lava Munsk, rather than being called a Magma Munsk.

In appearance, it shares similar features to that of a Munsk with several differences. Its limbs are molten rocks, as well as its body. It possesses the orange and yellow color schemes to that of lava and magma. Clouds of "lava" are found floating above this variant of the Munsk and its head is somewhat visualized to be a mixture of orange and brown.

Similar to the Munsk, the Lava Munsk will try to stomp onto the player, bite the player, etc. It is also known for its smaller size to that of a Munsk, making it somewhat difficult to slay it without failing to do so.

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