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The Lampshade is an NPC that can be found in the Pitfall, specifically during the Power Lamp Surgery scenario. It acts as an instructor (guide) for the players while they are playing the role of Mr. Mickey, the 'protagonist' of the event.

In appearance, the Lampshade appears to be an advanced AI that's connected and operates the room. It shares similar resemblances to the Power Lamps (the subjects) in the room, however, it appears to be a physical manifestation of electricity and energies with its 'face' partially covered by the red plates used on the Power Lamp.

List of Dialogues

  • "Mr. Mickey, hello."
  • "Please take a seat, we'll begin the operation very shortly."
  • "Okay, Mr. Mickey. We're going to put you into the room very shortly now."
  • "Just do what feels natural. Avoid any distress, Mr. Mickey. Thank you for operating with us today."
  • "Good work, Mickey."


  • The Lampshade is supposedly an AI made to perform surgery on Power Lamps. How this works is unclear and unknown.