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Joker Jenny is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. She can be found near Topple Lake standing on a wooden base overlooking the waterfall and the small mining area of Topple Town.

As implied by her title, Joker Jenny is a jokester, a person who makes jokes on a regular basis. The name Jenny derives from the meaning 'white wave', which is a possible reference to the waterfall near the NPC.

List of Dialogues

  • "If I've had a long day, I like to relax at the lake and just fish for a while. The sound of the water just washes my stress away. Right down the waterfall."
  • "The fish around here, I've never seen anything like them! Actually, I have, I've lived here my whole life."
  • "Have you heard of Clamstack cave? It exists."
    • "That wasn't a joke, Jenny."
      • "Beware."


  • Joker Jenny references a small location known as Clamstack Cave, a location that can be found in the Ancient Forest.