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The Jade Superhammer is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Frontier. The Jade Superhammer can be purchased from the Otherworldly Weaponsmith in The Town of Right and Wrong, at a price of 3,000,000 gold. The Jade Superhammer can also be acquired by killing an Inspector.


In appearance, the hammer is crafted of solid jade, as implied by its description. Its handle and grip appear to be made out of bronze, although it is possible that it is partially made out of wood.

The Jade Superhammer's normal slam attack consumes 3.5 stamina points for each hit. Each hit takes about 1.5 seconds, making it somewhat slow. The slow timing of its attacks may create difficulties for the wielders.

The hammer is also capable of receiving 1.4x melee damage bonuses, adding more melee damage whenever the player equips it while wearing melee-based armor sets/pieces.

The special ability of the Jade Superhammer is titled 'Charge Slam', which, upon activation, allows the player to charge up for the incoming slam on its target, hovering above the ground before smashing the weapon down onto the ground in front of them.


  • The slow timing of the weapon's attacks references its weight as only the strongest of warriors can wield it, as implied by its description.
  • When being used with the current highest melee damage bonus of 680, it is capable of dealing high amount of damage per swing, doing an estimate 1408 damage points. However, as this requires a lot of risky items, the buff to be active, a Fish of Rage, a Darkroot, and a ton of gold, it is not recommended to try this.