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The Jack-o'-lantern, not to be confused with its item, is an NPC that can be found in Topple Hill on Halloween (October 31) each year. He is specifically known for the item he hands out to players, the Jack-o'-lantern, a holiday-exclusive collectible that players can wear on their head. In appearance, the Jack-o'-lantern is a "living" skeleton wearing a Jack-o'-lantern's head. He's also partially covered in leaves.

List of Dialogues

  • "Ahaha! Happy Halloween!"
  • "There's much spooking to be done on a night like tonight! So get out there!"
  • "I'll be leaving in a few days so tell your friends!"
  • "I only come once a year!"


  • The Jack-o'-lantern was introduced later on in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
  • The Jack-o'-lantern was mistaken to be a player as players passed by in the open market, that results in the confusion of his location.