The Jack-o'-lantern is a cosmetic item that can only be obtained on Halloween (Hallow's Eve). It can be obtained from the holiday NPC in Topple Hill, known as the Jack-o'-lantern. The NPC can be found under the tree in the open market of Topple Hill.

In order to acquire the holiday-exclusive item, the players must interact with the NPC. After some dialogues, the players will be given the Jack-o'-lantern, a clothing garment that players can use for vanity.

If the players had missed the opportunity to obtain it, they will have to wait until Halloween/Hallow's Eve occurs again in later years.


  • The Jack-o'-lantern is the first item introduced to the game, Fantastic Frontier, as a holiday-exclusive item.
  • The player will not lose this item if they die.
  • This item can be reclaimed from the Pig if lost.
  • Oddly enough, the Jack-o'-lantern is one of the many requested items that Giant Toad asks for in exchange for a reward. This was later confirmed to be a typo on the developers' parts and was replaced with The Crown for that particular task.


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