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  • Alias: Izziworld Spitter, Izzspitter

The Izziworld Spitter is nearly identical to those of the Spitter family, such as the Lighthouse Spitter and the Toyblock Spitter. What makes it different is that it is comprised of red, yellow, and black block--the main colors of the "Izziworld." It is seen on the 9th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Izziworld I, by itself, as well as being seen on the 23rd floor, Izziworld II, where two Izziworld Spitters are obstacles that the players must face.


There is only one attack the Izziworld Spitter can perform:

  • Block Projectile - Spits out projectiles of clustered toy-blocks at the players in a single direction.


Players should know the basics of dodging, so most of the strategies for this monster are self-explanatory. All they have to do is dodge the projectile or move out of the way.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It makes an appearance on two different floors of the Otherworld Tower, Floor 9 and Floor 23 respectively.
  • It is possibly commanded by Wonald Izzi, a boss in the Otherworld Tower dungeon, as well as an alternate-universe version of Wonald Izzi Jackson.