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|Theatre Key
|Theatre Key
|"A peculiar key. Unlocks the doors to the old theatre."
|"A peculiar key. Unlocks the doors to the old theatre."
|Wall of Puzzle Room 2
|Wall of Puzzle
Room 2
Dropped by Ants

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The Itempedia of the Nightmare is a hidden category separate from the Frontier's Itempedia. It can only be unlocked after the players had accessed the hidden room in The Deli and pressed the orange button. The players should then return back to the place where they were originally teleported from and find a door near it (a door with an orange hexagon-like eye above it).

The major goals include the following:

  • To continue the flow of the player's progression throughout their adventures
  • To gather up gold (currency) in order to obtain other game features that are not given at the beginning.
  • To get rewards, what else?

Unlike the Frontier's Itempedia, the Itempedia of the Nightmare houses many collectibles from different categories of the game, from consumables to monster drops, from plant to garments. Most of the skills learned from all four sections of the Frontier's Itempedia are required to fulfill the completion of it.

List of Known Collectibles

There are currently 71 collectibles in total that are categorized under the Itempedia of the Nightmare. This table will be sorted in the order it goes in.


Image(s) Name Description Locations/Sources Selling Price Effects
1 Hidden Key "A key stashed away by the first adventurer to traverse the Nightmare." Democan 0
2 Theatre Key "A peculiar key. Unlocks the doors to the old theatre." Wall of Puzzle

Room 2

Dropped by Ants

4 Ancient Key This age-old key emits a diabolic aura. Its mere presence dithers any lock. Collect Running Man from Grand Hall and bring to Toaster Josh. 0
5 Mansion Key "A key to the inner chambers of the grand mansion." Ratfolk in Topple Graveyard, killing (?)Ants 0
6 Nightmare Visage "When all sounds stop, and time remains, the great Nightmare ends." Provides +15 Armor and +65 All Damage Types. Opening The Vault door
7 Candy Crumbs "A few measly crumbs of candy. May have little to no nutritional value." Deli, Spikers, Clowns, Goons 15 Restores 10 HP
8 Theatre Ticket "This ticket looks like it was just printed, but has an old-timey style." Theatre, Pink Room 1,000
9 Ant Meat "This large ant is squishy and filled with nutrients, but hardly tasty." Nightmare Ants 1,500 Restores 100 HP
10 Clown Nose "The fake red nose of a clown. Easy to squish together." Clowns 1,500
11 Plastic Shell "A simple plastic shell. Missing a price sticker." Supermarket 2,000
12 Crumbling Root "An ugly mushroom that quickly degrades." The Mansion, The Old Mansion 2,100
13 Bat Wing "Wing from a common bat. Revered by some who find sacramental value in the creature." Bats 2,300
14 Bad Dust "A pile of dirty, useless material." The Mansion, The Old Mansion, The Inside 2,500
15 Western-style Portabatos "A nice dish composed mostly of roasted portabato mushrooms." The Deli, Goons 3,000 Restores 300 HP
16 Poison Ogre Mushroom Batch "A batch of Ogre Mushrooms. These poisonous mushrooms are delicacy for Ogres." 3,000
17 Lantern Foreman "Inside, he lived peacefully, ruling over the lantern's inner mechanisms." Nightmare Lanterns 3,150
18 Data "A bit of information" Data Ants
19 Liquid Maze "It's our favorite collectible, yours and mine. It's easier to think, winding through the halls." The Nightmare 4,777
20 Jerk Toothpaste "An offensive product, yet loved by repeat customers." Supermarket , Mostly found at the cash registers place. 4,799
21 Collection Box "A cruel joke to laugh and write about. This box collects ideas." The Road 5,000
22 Tiny Clown Doll "Small and funny looking." Supermarket 5,000
23 Corrupt Stone "Remains of dangerous armor plates made of stone and metal." Corrupted Knight 5,000
24 Member's Keycard "Your supermarket rewards cards. A remarkable piece of plastic." Clowns, Ogres 5,000
25 Plum Juice "A refreshing bottle of plum juice." Deli, Goons 5,000 Restores 50 HP and grants stacking +3 Walkspeed
26 Dream Mushroom "A surely uncommon mushroom. Yet a mushroom all the same." The Nightmare 5,000
27 Replication Fear "Any errors can always be forgotten." The Road 6,000
28 Cursed Cards "A set of glowing paper cards. Used for some unfair game." The Nightmare 6,000
29 Nightmare Flower "Beauty of the unknown." The Road
30 Textured Teakettle "Shiny material and different metals make up this impressive teakettle." The Supermarket 6,999
31 Remnants of Chewing "A bizarre monster that inhabits others. The original host is all but gone." The Chewed 7,500
33 Dream Dust "A fluffy pile of magical dust. Dreams from tethered worlds." The Nightmare 7,700
34 Gold Ogre Mushroom Batch "A batch of golden Ogre Mushrooms. Ogres stuck in the Nightmare still hold a connection to their old world." Ogres 8,000
35 Plugstack "CONNECT AND COMPLETE! This simple device can complete any task! Even Writing! The Nightmare 8,800
36 Concentration Cube "A scary cube that is hard to look at" The Nightmare, Demacan 9,000
37 Big Chicken "A great big baked chicken." Goons, Deli 9,000 Restores 500 HP and 5 Energy
38 Book of Corrupted Tales "Oh joyous years. This book accounts the falling of a distant empire." Everywhere 9,000
39 Mega-Supreme Potent Energy "It's new! It's delicious! It's a joke." The Supermarket, Goons 9,999 Restores 10 HP, 10 Energy, and grants +5 Walkspeed
40 Bull Box "Just another angry cube." Sentinels in The Road 10,000
41 Guttermouth Key "A key to the old Guttermouth cells." Goons, Clowns, Boomers 10,000
42 Spiker Core "It looks like an oddly shaped mechanical toy.This buzzing widget somehow fuels the living-bomb called the Spiker with concentrated, unstable power." Spikers 12,000
43 Clock "An intriguing device, it sits motionless. Not a common item in the Frontier." The Nightmare 12,000
44 Crimson Ogre Mushroom Batch "The rarest Ogre Mushroom batch. These lovely mushrooms fetch a high price." Ogres 12,000
45 Shopping Radio


The Supermarket 15,000
46 Whisper "The lanky, unimposing skeleton of a wizard monster, the Path Gambler." Path Gambler 20,000
47 Brain Toothpaste "An untrustworthy box of toothpaste." The Supermarket 21,299
48 Running Man "A little running man. Oh, how funny, he's trying to run!" The Nightmare 22,000
49 Buttered Greens with Extra Butter "A would be healthy meal drenched with an exorbitain amount of butter." Goons, Deli 25,000 Restores 500 HP and grants a lifetime of +1 HP Regen.
50 Horror Conduit "The shocking remnants of a horrid machine." Machine Golem (Super Market and The Road) 27,500
51 Boomer Core "The mechanical plastic core of a Boomer. Even more threatening than the Spiker, the Boomer is a creature formed from violence. Boomers
53 Painting of Borezorego "A solemn painting. Friend to all clowns, Borezorego will always be immortalized by his own kind. He was lost in the fight agaisnt his people's oppression." Clowns, Democan 40,000
54 Copper Labyrinth "Deeper into the mazes, we took doors that changed us." The Supermarket (By the door in The Back Area), Maze of the Root 42,000
55 Wonald Izzi


"A classic Wonald Izzi hat sewn of bright red and yellow fabric. One of the many." Second Riddle 50,000
56 Left Head of the Democan "One head speaks and the other works in the darkness. Foe and friend, the Democan governs the road. Democan 50,000
57 Changing Machine "A way to change. A horrible dream can only exist with intention of the wrong sort." Yellow Door 55,000
58 Freedom Cube "Never abandon your freedom. And fight for the freedom of good." End Of The Road, Supermarket, The Mansion, The Theater, Grand Hall 55,000
59 Right Head of the Democan "One head contorts and the other screams in the darkness. Foe and friend, the Democan governs the road." Democan, Theatre Golem 55,000
60 Road Radio "A radio filled with the sounds of life." The Road 66,000
61 Danger Head "Physical limitation of the mind. What good life formed in nightmares is, is the unknown." The Mansion, Supermarket 75,000
62 Power Lamp "Good work, Mickey." Pitfall Orb (Event)
63 Caught Man "Caught, but not forever." The Supermarket, The Mansion, The Old Mansion
64 Green Bean "A strange magic bean that perfectly embodies the sun on green grass. What will happen if you eat it?" Noble Blue Flower, The Deli 99,000
65 Twig Screech "What damage can one sound do?" The Road 100,000
66 Meeting Remnant "These strange mechanical spires are flowing with magical energy. Provides +20 All Damage Types, +0.5 HP Regen, and +1 Walkspeed." Give Toaster Josh a Caught Man or from SUPREME DEALS store 180,000
67 Blue Bean "A strange magic bean that perfectly embodies the feeling of true speed.

What will happen if you eat it?"

Noble Blue Flower, Deli 200,000
68 Produce "Too tired to stand." The Supermarket 500,000
69 Red Bean "A strange magic bean that perfectly embodies the joyous feel of the holiday season. What will happen if you eat it?" Noble blue flower 500,000
70 Rusty Trophy "Matter from another time." 1,000,000
71 Monstrous Visage "A gift from an old friend." Maze of the Root 20,000