The Iron Scimitar is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Frontier. It is one of the weakest of all of the basic scimitars, and is part of the Iron Weapon Set; the 2nd weakest group out of the 6 ore tiers. The Iron Scimitar can be acquired from Reus the Smith in Topple Town, at a price of 2,400 gold.


The Iron Scimitar's normal swing attack consumes around 2-3 stamina points per hit. The delay in-between each swing lasts approximately 3 seconds before another swing can be performed. It is rather sluggish in comparison to rapiers and daggers, but quicker than greatswords found within the same group it is in.

Like most ore-based weapons, the Iron Scimitar does not provide any unique perks or special abilities for the player to utilize.


The Iron Scimitar is not needed by any NPCs in regard to quests and task systems that players may complete in-game. Players may sell the Iron Scimitar to a selling vendor at a sell price of 400 gold.


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