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"A strange mask, its simple design invokes a growing tension." - Strangeman's Mask

The Interdimensional Traveler is an NPC that spawns in random locations. Once talked to, he will give you a random item and then teleport to another area. Notably, he can sometimes give you the Strangeman's Mask, which gives +111 to all damage. The list of possible locations is down below. Please suggest some locations in the comments, and images would largely help.

List of possible locations

Location Details Images
Topple Town
  • Above Big Box.
  • Pathway to the Castle Home.
  • In the graveyard.
  • Near the ledge of the Topple Town's airship.
  • Inside the "secret" mine that players can mine at.
Greenhorn Grove
  • Near the cliffside.
  • Standing on a rock next to the fenced ores.
Interdimensonal Traveler Greenhorn Grove 02.png
Red Ant Cove
  • Standing on one of the anthills in plain sight near a few rocks and a tree.
Starry Point
  • By the left large rock on the beach.
  • Standing in front of the rock in the middle when overlooking from Starry Point's rocks
  • Standing on the rocky overlook
Farm Fortress
  • Standing under a tree near Farm Fortress.
The Quiet Field
  • South of Deep Forest, can be found on a hill bump near the purchasable tower
Hoodlum Falls
  • Near the rivers where it splits, it can be found under one of the trees
Interdimensonal Traveler Location Hoodlum Falls 01.png
Rubble Spring
  • Standing on a tree trunk
Great Pine Forest
  • Standing on the rocks above the fishing pool surrounded by lakethistles
Ancient Forest
  • Under the Ancient Forest Bridge bordering Topple Town
  • Near the Ancient Forest Bridge standing on one of the rocky edges
  • Standing on the stone crevice / valley below the Ancient Forest Bridge
Twinkling Meadow
  • In the Twinkling Meadows, located near one of its paths
Blackrock Mountain
  • Near the Corrupted Wizard's cave entrance
  • Standing on a pathway leading to a small mining cave
  • Next to the Black Ant's Nest with an abundancy of ores.
  • Overlooking Blackrock Pond on one hillside.
RobloxScreenShot20170725 224801276.png
RobloxScreenShot20170726 092111743.png
The Forgotten Lands The Interdimensional Traveler is not found here.
Frigid Waste
  • On the arch of Frigid Waste
Blue Ogre Camp The Interdimensional Traveler is not found here.
The Maze Wood
  • Standing on the coastal edges of The Maze Wood
  • Stands on the borders between The Maze Wood and The Pits
Abandoned Orchard The Interdimensional Traveler is not found here.
The Pits
  • Near the rock the wizards teleport you out on
  • On one of the hillsides bordering The Pits
  • Standing somewhere along the ridges of The Pits
Interdimesonal Traveler Location The Pits 02.png
Celestial Peak The Interdimensional Traveler is not found here.
The Rolling Road
  • In the middle of The Rolling Road
  • At the rocky edges overlooking the coast
A Frontier of Dragons
  • Small Ruins (crooked castle walls located near Town of RaW)
  • Behind the rocks closest to The Maze Wood at A Frontier of Dragons
Petrified Grassland
  • Standing outside of the semi-buried ribcage that leads to the Ancient Titanium Knight.
  • On one of the rocks found somewhere in Petrified Grassland.
RobloxScreenShot20170726 202459148.png
Celestial Field
  • In the middle of Celestial Field
Town of Right and Wrong
  • In the hidden alleyways
  • Inside the Inn of Town of Right and Wrong

Items Given

Here's the list of items that players can receive from the Interdimensional Traveler:

Theories (fanmade)

Here is information regarding this NPC's existence.

This information is unofficial.

This character may be the Strangeman character in the theme of some items; like Strangeman's Flower, Strangeman's Mushroom and various other Strangeman items, as well as some indirect titles, like the Whapper Board and the Traveler Plant, as this NPC is unofficially a traveler, as the Whapper Board's description reads that it is a board used to travel in time.

Neon Flint, in the Neon Flint's Cap description, might be in association with this character, as Neon Flint is, according to the description of his respective cap, a wizard lost in the Frontier. This might tie into the Interdimensional Traveler as he also has a given accessory, and is probably one of the canon creators in the game, as the Strangeman's Mushroom's description reads that an old inventor ran through the world spreading a twisted form of life with him, so this could mean that he is one of the first in the Frontier and is lost in time, just like Neon Flint was in his cap's description.

Any other theories are welcome.