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The Interdimensional Traveler, one of the most mysterious entities that can be found in various locations throughout the Frontier, is seemingly lending gifts to those who are able to find it. The Interdimensional Traveler was noted for being one of the only NPCs before the Otherworld Update that handed out rewards or gifts to players for accomplishing or finding a particular topic, object, or entity.

The players can interact with the Interdimensional Traveler to obtain a gift from the entity and these gifts can vary. After the player obtains their gift from the entity, the Interdimensional Traveler will quickly disappear into thin air to another location in the Frontier. It is widely known that the Interdimensional Traveler hands out one of the most sought-after items, the Strangeman's Mask, notably known to benefit the players by giving them a boost of 111 damage to all damage types; melee, ranged, and magic. This particular reward is considered to be difficult to obtain as it seems to be 'impossible' due to the player's 'luck'.

Otherworld Update

After the introduction of the Otherworld Update that was brought into the Frontier, the Interdimensional Traveler does not seems to be affected as much as the other inhabitants of the Frontier. After the Strangeman's appearance in the Frontier by traveling to its realm through an orb-shaped portal, it is very likely that the Interdimensional Traveler is capable of traveling into other realms and dimensions that are somehow connected to the Frontier.

It is possible that the Strangeman's Mask could've derived from the Strangeman's world from a TV show known as "My Little Marble" and how the Strangeman and other entities related to the Strangeman in that particular TV show are usually found in marbles. As the Interdimensional Traveler's title implies, it is an extradimensional being or intelligence that is a type of theoretical or a real entity in a dimension beyond our own.

List of Known Locations

The Interdimensional Traveler can be found in various locations throughout the Frontier. It is usually seen in places that players can reach into with ease or providing some sorts of challenges that may be difficult for some players.

All known locations will be listed below and as such, it will be appreciated if you, one of the many people in the community of the Frontier, comment on missing locations and/or providing images that would largely help the community as a whole.

Location Details Images
A Frontier of Dragons
  • On the castle wall ruins
  • Behind the rocks closest to the borders of The Maze Wood
Interdimensional Traveler-AFrontierOfDragonsCastle.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 5.10.28 PM.png
Ancient Forest
  • Under the Ancient Forest/Castle Bridge
  • Near the Ancient Forest/Castle Bridge standing on one of the rocky edges
  • Standing on the stone crevice passage below the Ancient Forest/Castle Bridge
Great pine forest.png
Blackrock Mountain
  • Near the Corrupted Wizard's cave entrance
  • On a pathway leading to a small mining cave
  • Next to the Black Ant's Nest
  • Overlooking Blackrock Pond on an elevated portion of the mountain
  • Overlooking from the cliffside near Farm Fortress
  • Near the rocks at Black Ant's Nest
RobloxScreenShot20170726 092111743.png
Blackrock Mountain AntCove IT.png
RobloxScreenShot20171006 171100353.png
RobloxScreenShot20170725 224801276.png
Celestial Field
  • In the middle of Celestial Field
Interdimensional Traveler-CelestialFieldMiddle.png
Interdimensional Traveler in Celestial Field.png
Farm Fortress
  • Standing under a tree near Farm Fortress
RobloxScreenShot20180801 122442152-0.png
Frigid Waste (PvP)
  • On the arch of Frigid Waste
Int traveler 2.png
Great Pine Forest
  • Standing on the rocks above the fishing pool surrounded by Lakethistles
RobloxScreenShot20180505 173414511.png
Greenhorn Grove
  • Near the cliffside
  • On a rock next to the fenced ore field
  • On a hillside that is closest to the Red Ant Cove
  • On a narrow hill overhang closer towards Topple Hill
Interdimensional Traveler-GreenhornGroveSide.png
Interdimensonal Traveler Greenhorn Grove 02.png
Interdimensional Traveler-TheRollingRoadOverlook.png
Hoodlum Falls
  • Near the river where it splits: under one of the trees
Interdimensonal Traveler Location Hoodlum Falls 01.png
Petrified Grassland
  • Outside of the semi-buried ribcage where the Ancient Titanium Knight was originally found at
  • On one of the rocks found somewhere
RobloxScreenShot20170726 202459148.png
Red Ant Cove
  • On one of the anthills near a few rocks and a tree
Rubble Spring
  • On a chopped down tree trunk
Starry Point
  • Next to the left large rock on the beach
  • In front of the rock located in the middle while overlooking Starry Point
  • On the rocky overlook
RobloxScreenShot20170902 175421341.png
The Deep Forest
  • Semi-buried within a hill-bump near The Quiet Field's tower.
RobloxScreenShot20170720 230053085-0.png
The Maze Wood
  • On the coastal edges of The Maze Wood
  • On the borders between The Maze Wood and The Pits
RobloxScreenShot20170930 091715986.png
The Pits
  • Near the wizard's teleportation spot
  • On the rims/ridges of The Pits
  • On one of the hillsides bordering The Pits
Interdimesonal Traveler Location The Pits 02.png
Interdimensional Traveler-ThePitsRidge.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.58.40 PM.png
The Quiet Field
  • On the hillside near The Quiet Field's tower
The Rolling Road
  • In the middle of The Rolling Road
  • On the rocky edges overlooking the coastlines
Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 2.21.01 PM.png
The Town of Right and Wrong
  • In the hidden alleyways
  • Inside the Illusionary Inn/The Inn Behind All Those Doors
Topple Hill
Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 6.20.17 PM.png
RobloxScreenShot20180313 154253988.png
Topple Town
  • Above Big Box
  • Pathway leading to the purchasable Castle Home
  • In the graveyard
  • Near the ledge of Captain Finnegan's airship
  • Inside the "secret" mine that players can mine at
RobloxScreenShot20180204 194534858.png
Interdimensional Traveler-ToppleTownBalcony.png
Interdimensional Traveler-ToppleTownCastleHome.png
RobloxScreenShot20170729 144054123.png
Twinkling Meadow
  • Near one of its pathway
  • Standing behind a group of rocks
  • Underneath a tree near rocks closest to Blackrock Mountain.
Interdimensional Traveler-TwinklingMeadowRocks.png
RobloxScreenShot20170720 230053084-0.png

List of Known Rewards

These are the list of known 'gifts' or rewards that are gifted to the players after interacting with the Interdimensional Traveler. The list is divided into 3 tiers of rewards : Common (100/111), Uncommon (10/111) and rare (1/111). Here are the following items that that the players can receive:


Cobalt Bar.png
Giant's Corn.png
Purple Balloon Mushroom.png


Lagoonneck Fish.png
Nightmare Mushroom.png
Odd Cape.png
Onyx Ore.png
Purple Pant.png
Purple Shirt.png


Corrupted Rapier-0.png
Glowbird Feather.png
Strangemans Mask.png
Whapper Sword.png

[Note]: This reward table is confirmed and done. Any further claims of missing items will be dismissed and viewed as false information.


  • The chances of getting a rare item from the Interdimensional Traveler are 1/111. Due to the fact that there are five rare items, the chance of getting a specific rare item, like the Strangeman's Mask, is 1/555.